November 18, 2019

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Real News - October 2019

Presidents Column
Coming Through in Times of Need  For the second time in as many years, our colleges — our community colleges— served the communities in which they reside. In response to the recent Saddleridge Fire, Pierce College served the community as a refuge for large animals (a good reason to leave the Pierce Farm as open space, not as developed space, as has been proposed).
Meet New EDD Coordinator Anthony Amey
The Guild’s new EDD Coordinator, Anthony Amey, is well-versed on the ins and outs of applying for unemployment benefits. After being laid off by Bank of America and having to leave the financial sector during the economic downturn, he found work as an office assistant at East L.A.
Health Benefits & Retirement Conference
Guild Conference Draws Over 400 Members AFT 1521 set its sights toward the future at its annual Health Benefits & Financial Awareness Conference on September 27th.
Real News - September 2019

Bargaining... Benefits... Back to School!
Welcome to the 2019-2020 academic year, especially to those of you who are joining our ranks as new full-time or part-time faculty members. We in the Guild know that your experience working in the LACCD will be memorable. The Guild, through our campus chapter presidents and grievance reps, stands ready to answer any questions you have about wages, hours, and working conditions.
Meet Mission College Grievance Rep Jake Skelton
The terrain between Florida and California is starkly different, and not just because of the Sunshine State’s humidity. Just ask Jacob Skelton, an ESL teacher and the new grievance rep at L.A. Mission College. Skelton was raised and educated in Florida. Having been a union advocate on both coasts, Skelton has noticed a vastly different climate since relocating to California.
Camille Goulet - In the Trenches with Asylum Seekers
Every summer for the past three years, Guild member Camille Goulet, a faculty member at Los Angeles City College, participates in the Dilley Pro Bono Project, joining other volunteers for a one-week stint at an immigration detention center in Dilley, Texas, the largest such facility in the U.S., holding up to 2,000 people.
Health Benefits Rate Sheets 2020
2019 - 2020 Faculty Salary Schedule
View here
Real News - August 2019

President's Message - Challenges and Opportunities
Challenges and Opportunities With the fall semester about to begin, we welcome our new tenure-track and adjunct faculty to our ranks, bringing the total to 4,500 faculty districtwide. We encourage the new faculty to attend the orientations offered by the campuses.
Julio Tsuha – Guild Activist Promotes Unionism at Pierce
At each LACCD college, faculty step up to be part of the Guild’s Contract Action Team, helping to maintain a strong union presence at that campus. At Los Angeles Pierce College, that team member is sociology professor Julio Tsuha, an AFT 1521 Executive Board delegate who just finished his fourth year as a full-time faculty member.
Real News - July 2019

President’s Message - Change is in the Air
Whether your focus is curricular and academic or includes broader political interests, the impact of the implementation of AB 705 can’t be overestimated. It’s not just a foot in the door leading to the privatization and corporatization of higher education -- the door has now been kicked open.
Guild Membership Meeting Caps a Successful Academic Year
Guild Membership Meeting Caps a Successful Academic Year A parody of Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 disco anthem “I Will Survive” was an apt opening to the Annual Membership Meeting and dinner held at the Guild Office on May 21st that culminated the 2018/2019 academic year for AFT Local 1521. Attendees swayed to the rousing singalong led by Los Angeles College Faculty Guild president Joanne Waddell at the start of the late afternoon’s festivities.
Real News - May 2019

Real News - April 2019

Faculty Issue Vote of No Confidence in State Chancellor
Citing a lack of transparency and failure to engage in collegial consultation with faculty stakeholder groups, the CFT approved a vote of no confidence in State Chancellor Eloy Oakley.
CFT Convention Highlights
Over 50 AFT 1521 members were among the nearly 500 delegates and 200 visitors and staff who attended the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) Convention at the downtown L.A. Biltmore Hotel March 22-24. This year’s convention celebrated the 100th anniversary of the statewide union. A sign at a W.
Real News - March 2019

President’s Message Staying Strong at the Bargaining Table and Beyond
Now, more than ever, community college faculty need to stay vigilant as we face challenges that threaten us. These challenges have come in the form of legislation that impact course offerings and  have a direct effect on faculty salaries, hours, and working conditions.
Guild Passes Unanimous ‘No Confidence’ Vote in Trustee Svonkin
The Guild Executive Board at its February meeting unanimously passed a vote of no confidence in LACCD Board of Trustee member Scott Svonkin, who will be up for re-election in November 2020. If Svonkin declares his candidacy, the Guild is asking potential supporters to withhold their endorsements.
Adjunct Faculty News
Dual Enrollment Survey, Legislation Update Kathy Holland and Ken Taira, AFIC co-chairs  Adjunct Faculty Issues Committee    Hello Adjuncts!  We hope that your semester is going well. The Adjunct Faculty Issues Committee (AFIC) is working hard on your behalf.
Important Changes to FSA and HRA Accounts
Headline -- Important Changes to FSA and HRA Accounts  Your Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) are transitioning from WageWorks to a new system administered by ConnectYourCare.
Stand with Your Union

Real News - February 2019

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