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Job Opportunities and Resources for Adjuncts
Updated On: Mar 77, 2019

By Kathy Holland & Ken Taira, AFIC co-chairs

Welcome back to the Spring semester. The spring, the district will be hiring several new full-timers on all of our 9 campuses. If you are interested, go the LACCD website Click on the magnifying glass and you will see the list of Academic jobs. Check frequently as the list of opportunities will be updated on a regular basis. If you are looking for opportunities outside of the district, go to the CCC Registry.

Be sure to look for additional adjunct teaching opportunities as well. Adding an extra class or two to your teaching schedule won’t just increase your income, it will also help you qualify for medical benefits. If you are teaching at least a .33 of a full-time teaching load, you qualify for district medical benefits. In addition to medical, you may be interested in dental, vision, EAP, and pet insurance. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) covers mental health services, wellness support, and other services. Visit the Health Benefits website.

If you are qualified and have not signed up for benefits, contact the Health Benefits Unit at 888-428-2980. By now, you should have received the JLMBC Adjunct Faculty benefits brochure. This brochure has vital information about the benefits the district has to offer.

Here is another job opportunity for you to consider: become certified as an online, DE (Distance Education) instructor. In order to teach online (via Canvas), we have to complete the required DE certification program. Check with the Distance ED coordinator on your campus for more information. Most of the community colleges in California offer online classes. West LA College offerings are 60% online; Coast CC is 80% online. If DE Certified, take @Ones POCR training to be a Peer Reviewer for online courses. Peer reviews will be coming to all the campuses soon. At West, it will be $350 per review stipend and they will need 20% of their courses reviewed.

Since last summer, AFIC Co-Chairs Ken Taira and Kathy Holland have been helping adjuncts who have experienced problems with EDD and unemployment insurance. One of the most challenging is when we discovered that there are discrepancies in reporting wages to EDD. The Guild is working with the district to resolve this issue.

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