December 07, 2022

City East Harbor Mission Pierce Southwest Trade Tech Valley West Emeritus

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Adjunct Faculty Issues Committee
Updated On: Mar 16, 2021
Jessica Saint Paul Chair / Southwest College
John Lynch City College
 (vacant) City College
Daniel Lambert East L.A. College
Haydee Urita-Lopez East L.A. College
Kevin Smith Harbor College
JoNeen Ohlaker Harbor College
Chris Cofer Mission College
Gabriel Kovnator Mission College
Brian Kies Pierce College
Karen Sabbah Pierce College
Kathleen Addison Pierce College
Jessica Saint Paul Southwest College
Picolya Robinson Southwest College
Iris Zelaya Trade-Tech College
Lou Siegel Trade-Tech College
Hasmik Arakelyan Valley College
Renee Berg Valley College
Dr. Michael Harris West LA College
Dr. Sherice Bellamy West LA College
Joanne Waddell Ex-officio 

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