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Posted On: Jul 193, 2022

In addition to president James McKeever, AFT 1521 welcomes back Executive Vice President William Elarton-Selig, and newly-elected Treasurer Xiao Behlendorf and Secretary Jennifer Galvez.

We are continuing to work on negotiations for our MOUs following COVID and the toll that will face staff and students if classes are cut. We’re still pressuring department chairs on certain issues that we need to get addressed, but we are moving forward and starting to set those things down. We’ve made a lot of moves to encourage transparency and we want to maintain that. We are on a good path right now and we have an incredibly diverse and representative group that will be leading us for the next couple of years.  

-- William Elarton-Selig

My goal for the near future is to make sure our records are accurate. We are bringing the technology at our disposal to make our financial transactions and reporting efficient and accurate. I also want to contribute as a member of the team to address members’ work environment concerns and issues, because I know that has been the number one concerns for the last two years, and will be in the near future. As a librarian, I’m hoping to contribute to bringing more equity and parity for non-classroom faculties as well. 

 -- Xiao Behlendorf

I have both short and long-term goals. Among them is working with the staff leadership and our memberships to develop the organizational structure and infrastructure of our union. We’re looking to lay the foundation that will allow us to work more efficiently to get across our messages and address all the needs of the diversity of our faculty in the district. 

-- Jenny Galvez

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